The most important challenge of any AV integration is creating a vehicle for information flow. Without a dependable delivery system for communication, mistakes happen. Critical information needs to be provided in real-time so every member of a team is instantly informed.

The team is often diverse and includes: sales, design engineers, order management, programming, testing and installation technicians, project management, construction trades, and the help desk. If there is no mechanism made for keeping everyone tuned-in on all issues, breakdowns can easily happen, especially across departments.

Once this is in place, information flows and the project is executed quickly. Your requirements are accurately defined and recorded, so they pass from engineer to order management to testing and installation technicians. Everyone works together towards the same goal. If you request a change, the team knows about it. So, the room you requested is the room you get.

Also, if there’s a snag—a part or a technician isn’t available—this is quickly identified. A project manager assigned to the implementation uses the system to monitor and address issues as they develop. This way, if a problem occurs, it’s fixed and momentum continues, so you get your room finished on-time.

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